A comparison of cultures between the maya inca and aztec civilization

One which was based on solar year, while the other was a kind of sacred almanac.

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Inca History The Incas built their empire hundreds of miles away from the Aztecs, starting in A. The Inca were affected by the art and techniques of Chimu civilization.

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They raised llama and alpaca for wool. It was during these wars that warriors were trained for battle by practicing their skills hands-on.

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They all were pretty much the same just different beliefs. They all hunted for religion, they had a huge belief with the people spread throughout each region.

Tattoos have always had an important role in ritual and tradition.

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Also all three had their beliefs, and good with agriculture. Maya people survived in farming villages on the Yucatan Peninsula and the highlands to the south. They had a lot of big cities but no capital. The Sun and Moon pyramids of Tenochtitlan are still popular tourist attractions today. Finally, the Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes conquered Tenochtitlan and overpower the Aztec in Decorations, tattoos Religion: clothing, practices, etc. Their women were taught to be women at the age of 8 and 9, at this age some were sacrifice for the gods.

The Maya were polytheistic but they did not have any particular God, while Aztec worship Huitzilopochtli as their main god and Inca worshiped Inti as their primary God.

These 3 groups of great people ruled Mesoamerica in their different eras from

Maya vs aztec vs inca chart

The Maya used two calendars. The Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas not only shared many similarities in the ways they built their civilizations, but also had differing characteristics that made each people its own. The people were also hunters. Maya also used a three-symbol numerical system that allowed them to record numbers into millions. Aztec became well-known farmers, warriors, and temple builders. Also all three had their beliefs, and good with agriculture. Aztec History The Aztecs built an empire that was based in the area that is now known as Mexico City. There burials were like moneys but rapped in string then dressed, were the body was place vertically and things surrounded the body. Mayan religion was based on acclimating humanity to the cycles of the universe and the belief that the universe functions in a logical, cyclical and predictable way, and that human beings could exploit that cyclical nature.
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Maya vs Aztec vs Inca