A literary analysis of the characters in the tempest

They are whisked safely away, and will take the party back to Italy at the play's end. Copy to Clipboard. Loves politics, films, society, people. He is the son of a witch, Sycorax, who, though long since dead, continues to work even from the grave.

miranda the tempest

Yet this want of movement is so admirably concealed by the most varied display of the fascinations of poetry, and the exhilaration of mirth, the details of the execution are so very attractive, that it requires no small degree of attention to perceive that the denoument is, in some degree, anticipated in the exposition.

An eminent critic has aptly remarked: "We find him only laughably horrible, and as a marvelous, though at bottom a feeble monster, highly interesting; for we foresee from the first that none of his threats will be fulfilled. She is intelligent and headstrong, having learned a lot from her father; but, when under Ariel's enchantment, she follows her father's plan, and falls in love with Ferdinand willingly.

When Stefano arrives with wine, Trinculo joins him in drinking and then agrees to a plot to murder Prospero. Antonio Usurped the dukedom of Milan from his brother Prospero, while Prospero was absorbed in study. The text in this article is available under the Creative Commons License.

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The Tempest Characters