A look at the mayan civilization in the aztec society

The healers tizitl had several specialities. The Florentine Codex outlines much of the advice the tlamatlquiticitl gave to expecting mothers. Periodically they attended their local temples, to test their progress.

mayan civilization timeline

The calpulli was ruled by a local chief calpulehto whom its members were normally related. A second campaign to the gulf coast was also highly successful. The Maya world was made up of many city-states, although some city-states became more powerful than others. Most of the people lived in small farming communities.

Aztec teachers tlamatimine propounded a spartan regime of education — cold baths in the morning, hard work, physical punishment, bleeding with maguey thorns and endurance tests — with the purpose of forming a stoical people.

All these theories are popular. He also consolidated the class structure of Aztec society, by making it harder for commoners Nahuatl languages: macehualtin to accede to the privileged class of the pipiltin through merit in combat.

when did the mayan civilization begin

The Aztec Triple Alliance eventually achieved political hegemony and control over the greater part of Mesoamerica, becoming known to posterity as the Aztec Empire. These professional merchants occupied a high status in Aztec society, below the noble class.

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Aztecs vs Mayans