Academic excellence is the only way to success essay

But such examples we can count on our fingers. Diabetes became prevalent in India at least 15 years earlier than in several countries.

Debate on academic excellence is the only way to success for the motion

The audience will think youre incredibly good at thinking on your feet! Get Essay It provides us with the strong base of knowledge we require to build our building of life. But such examples we can count on our fingers. Some may say that the great men of our like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not achieve academic excellence. No because Diabetes became prevalent in India at least 15 years earlier than in several countries. First of all, a person with high education can easily decide what they want in their life compare to the person with low education because how educated we are influence the decision making in our life. Rebuts arguements of third affirmative, and whole affirmative team. What is academic excellence about? If a student of engineering gets good grades but he is not practically effective in relationship-buildings and solving crises or proper planning, even though he may be successful in getting a job but it will not lead him far. It is much more than that. For example someone that born of wealth families, that have own company. Do you agree or disagree? Is it how many marks we get?

Third speaker of affirmative: 1. On completing this process the certificate of excellence or degree we get on completing our education. That degree is the first impression we give to our interviewers on applying for a job. Being well educated too gives us the advantage to choose a good career because through our education, we can identify our own capabilities and what we are really good at.

academic excellence is the only requirement for a successful career debate against the motion

I disagree that academic excellence guarantee our successful life. Learning beyond academics As a student, realise the importance of life-skills, which help you succeed in your chosen field as well as manage your life successfully.

Success never depends upon grades. Filed Under: Essays 1 page, words What is academic excellence about?

academic excellence is the only requirement for a successful career write a debate

For this bit, you start with the first speaker, Our first speaker, [name] spoke about the fact thatetc etc then do the same for your second speaker. Empathetic listening, powerful presentation of your views, questioning techniques, writing skills and an appropriate body language, are essential tools of communication.

A few exceptions cannot be taken as a general rule. However, our educational system being heavily oriented towards academics, fails to impart the essential life-skills.

Academic excellence is not the only way to success debate

Skills can be categorized in many ways, for example, social skills, language skills, and computer skills. This hard work helps us to climb the stairs of success. Thus, willpower plays an important role in achieving success in life. A person who have owned their diploma or degree certificate have a higher opportunity to get the job than a person who did not owned any of the certificate and only depend on their job experience. Its very difficult to say 'yes' or 'no' to statement under debate. First of all here i would like to say that the topic Academic qualification, ensure success in life and the body text written by you both has contradiction in themselves. Whether one is proposing marriage, applying for a job or looking for a new business partner, the fir And then recession comes along, when we are told that our wealth has been blown away by the foolishness of expensive fat-salaried CEOs. Success depend what do you keep your Goal in life One reason is that the upper and middle classes are trying to protect their own jobs — demanding new recruits have expensive academic qualifications excludes many talented young people from poorer backgrounds. In general, the most essential life-skills to develop are: - Decision-making: Academic, professional and personal life decisions, are the most crucial, in life.
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