An analysis of the french during seven years war

Russian interests centered on East Prussia, the Austrians were most concerned by Silesia, and the French increasingly devoted their efforts to the war with Britain.

Basically, the future of America was up for grabs. It would let colonies defend themselves or would offer only minimal help sending them limited numbers of troops or inexperienced soldiersanticipating that fights for the colonies would most likely be lost anyway.

french and indian war

A New Dynamic For France, the military defeat and the financial burden of the war weakened the monarchy and contributed to the advent of the French Revolution in These competing visions for the future of the continent laid the basis for future controversy.

Alexey Bestuzhev-Ryumingrand chancellor of Russia under Empress Elizabethwas hostile to both France and Prussia, but he could not persuade Austrian statesman Wenzel Anton von Kaunitz to commit to offensive designs against Prussia so long as Prussia was able to rely on French support.

Neither state could pose as a great power. A new wave of Scots-Irish immigrants encroached on American Indian land in the back country.

Who fought in the seven years war

The proclamation created a boundary line often called the proclamation line between the British colonies on the Atlantic coast and American Indian lands west of the Appalachian Mountains. Early in the war in , the British had expelled French settlers from Acadia, some of whom eventually fled to Louisiana. Even though it was rejected, some features of this plan were later adopted in the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. On 16 January , the Convention of Westminster was signed, whereby Britain and Prussia promised to aid one another; the parties hoped to achieve lasting peace and stability in Europe. From the landing of the Pilgrims through the Revolution and Civil War , and onward through more recent battles for civil and human rights, we like to tell a story of slow but steady progress toward liberty and justice for all. The campaign of proved to be a disaster for the British. Map of the French and Indian War.

Perhaps the only participant in the French and Indian War that truly read the situation at war's end correctly was France. Years later, Kaunitz kept trying to establish France's alliance with Austria. Provided by: Wikipedia. By the early s, British settler-invaders were moving across the Appalachians into western Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.

What caused the seven years war

Although Great Britain won control of the territory east of the Mississippi, the Proclamation Line of prohibited British colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains. Most contemporaries recognized the central importance of the Native Americans in the French and Indian War, and those that didn't—like British General Edward Braddock, mortally wounded when Native Americans ambushed his army at the Battle of the Monongahela—paid a huge a price. In the s, a number of American Indian groups began to migrate to the Ohio Country. French policy was, moreover, complicated by the existence of the Secret du Roi —a system of private diplomacy conducted by King Louis XV. Following the British victory in the French and Indian War, British postwar policies in the Great Lakes region greatly disregarded American Indian rights to their land. They did not push westward. Prussia, having secured Silesia, had come to terms with Austria in disregard of French interests. Thanks for watching! The aggrandizement of Prussia was seen by Russia as a challenge to its designs on Poland and the Baltic , but it had no voice in the negotiations. The Delawares were migrating because of the expansion of European colonial settlement in eastern Pennsylvania.

The first priority of British trade officials was to populate the recently secured areas of Canada and Florida, where colonists could reasonably be expected to trade with the mother country; settlers living west of the Appalachians would be highly self-sufficient and have little opportunity to trade with English merchants.

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