An essay on the issue of praying and worshiping mary the mother of god

Origin of mary worship

To me, the image of Mary will always be the gentle mother. For you see, it accompanied me to the hospital for the births of my daughters… In the summer of , I whispered Hail, Mary! Perhaps this helps me to be sympathetic with those who come to the RCIA process uncertain about Marian devotion. The word Mediatrix means one who cooperates with the mediation of Christ, and in turn shares his mediation with others. One of the great Catholic apologists of our age, Scott Hahn, once explained devotion to Mary with these words: "So we say, 'Well then, why give glory and honor and devotion to Mary? You see, you can sing and not be worshiping God. We Catholics tend to go to the Blessed Virgin Mary quite frequently, to ask her to intercede for us as our prayer-partner. How I loved watching my mother and the thousands of devotees praying and singing hymns with such tender devotion, their eyes closed and their heads tilted upwards pleading, thanking, praising you, our Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. The veil of separation between Christians on earth and Christians in heaven has been torn by Christ. The dogma of the Assumption of Mary , defined by Pope Pius XII in , states that, at the end of her earthly life, she was assumed into heavenly glory body and soul.

And, even though I love her and want to defend her honor, I have no intention of getting nasty. Mary's role in salvation and redemption[ edit ] The Virgin Mary from the Ghent AltarpieceOne of the components of the Catholic veneration of Mary is the focus on her participation in the processes of salvation and redemption.

Throughout the centuries, artists have worked to depict the perfect, yet human beauty of that moment of decision. This is the answer to my daily prayer to you since the day she was born four and a half years ago. Her compassion as a women and a human challenged the male-ruled system.

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John Eudes wrote that: "The Virgin Mary began to cooperate in the plan of salvation, from the moment she gave her consent to the Incarnation of the Son of God". We go to her more often because of the special relationship she has with Jesus Christ as his mother.

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Saint Paul, who made the above statement, is obviously aware of that fact since he several times urges his readers to pray for each other Romans1 Thessalonians1 Timothy From antiquity, the Church has proclaimed, as St. If you can just get enough lobbyists, you might get a quick response.

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Essay about The Virgin Mary