An overview of the presidency of john adams 2nd president of the untied states

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He also spoke in December before the governor and council, pronouncing the Stamp Act invalid in the absence of Massachusetts representation at Parliament. The Sedition Act targeted Americans themselves by forbidding opposition to laws of the federal government and making it illegal to publish criticism of the government. President Adams did not call for a declaration of war, but hostilities began at sea. Contempt and horror," and detailed "pictures of disgrace, or baseness and of Ruin" resulting from any debauchery. He had a penchant for doing the right thing, most especially when it made him unpopular. The Alien and Sedition Acts, passed in by the Federalist Congress, essentially outlawed French immigrants and criticism of the government. The defeat of the British at Saratoga was expected to help induce France to agree to an alliance. Adams wanted to ensure that the soldiers—who were charged with firing into an unruly crowd of civilians in Boston and killing five people—received a fair trial. Despite his hostility toward the British government, in Adams agreed to defend the British soldiers who had fired on a Boston crowd in what became known as the Boston Massacre. Democratic-Republicans accused Federalists of instituting a tyranny similar to the one they had struggled against in the American Revolution. Other historians have cited evidence that the Alien and Sedition Acts were rarely enforced: only 10 convictions under the Sedition Act have been identified; Adams never signed a deportation order; and the sources of expressed furor over the acts were Democratic-Republicans. In , Adams was one of the American diplomats sent to negotiate the Treaty of Paris, which brought an end to the Revolutionary War. In January , after recovering, Adams arrived at The Hague to demand that the States General of the Netherlands answer his petitions. In , he was placed on the ballot for America's first presidential election.

During Adams' term as President, the dominant issue was the threat of war with France. The incident affected U. The eldest of the three sons of farmer and shoemaker Deacon John Adams, he was encouraged to aspire to the ministry and graduated from Harvard College He died at his home in Quincy on July 4,within a few hours of the death of Thomas Jefferson.

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Congress had established the department four days earlier in preparation for war with France. When President Adams received news of the failed mission in Marchhe called for restraint.

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He had a penchant for doing the right thing, most especially when it made him unpopular. France agrees to lift its embargos on American ships, cancel all letters of marque, and respect neutral ships and property.

The Dutch, fearing British retaliation, refused to meet Adams. However, Jefferson won the presidency and Adams retired from politics.

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The Second US President