Animal testing should nont be banned

Why animal testing is necessary

All veterinary research has relied on the use of animal research. To do such a research on a human being would be immoral. A few individuals think that it is satisfactory, while others contend that it is not moral to sacrifice animals for science. However, the contribution of experiments on animals such as rabbit, monkey, mice, guinea pigs etc. Wyss Institute at Harvard Close "These alternatives are not only ethically superior, but they are quicker, cheaper and more reliable [than animal models]," Dr France said. In order to introduce new drugs into the market, they have to be tested first on animals in order to ascertain whether they are effective or not. With the recent technological advancement, substantive accomplishment has been made in the field of human medicine and science. First, animal experiments should not be banned based on the fact that it has been beneficial to humans and animals. Although testing on animals has helped humanity by providing medicines, the cosmetic testing is unneeded, and with alternatives available for both medicinal and cosmetic testing the testing on animals must stop Research on great apes orang-utans, bonobos, gorillas and chimpanzees is banned in the Netherlands , New Zealand , the United Kingdom , Sweden , Germany and Austria. Taylor posits that there are new methods such as computer simulation which allows existing information and data to be used by researchers and scientists to further improve on what had earlier been done. Pharmaceutical companies and research institutions have been active in animal experiments because these institutions are charged with coming up with new drugs. As a personal supporter of cruelty-free and vegan products, I can attest to the fact that using animals in the testing process is completely unnecessary. Research is being carried out at universities, medical schools and even in primary and elementary schools as well as in commercial facilities which provide animal experiments to industry. Animal testing is this subject.

Pledge to ban animal testing The government has pledged to ban all cosmetic products tested on live animals by July The housing of the animals, feeding, carrying, treatments, controlling the environment, is very expensive oFinding drugs and treatments to improve health and medicine.

Critics of this argument have however maintained their stand regarding the futility of such efforts. As a matter of fact, animals have helped a great deal in the scientific and medical field which has equally improved the quality of human life.

should animals be used for research argumentative essay

Banning animal testing would in this case amount to deteriorating health standards of people within societies. Treatments for animals developed using animal testing also include pacemakers for heart disease and remedies for glaucoma and hip dysplasia. Without animal testing nothing would have been possible.

Some countries like the UK have even realized the benefits of animal testing in advancing the medical field University of Bradford. First, animal experiments should not be banned based on the fact that it has been beneficial to humans and animals.

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Animal Testing