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He now appreciates the opportunities this "unfiltered" time with his two sons affords him. And with policies varying from operator to operator, it can take hours of searching through the fine print and booking conditions to find a deal that fits.

There's no school or work.

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I would love another pair of hands now and then or another adult to chat to, but sitting at home doing nothing won't improve matters. It was tough knowing the four of us would never experience that again.

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Well, it's better than that. Barbara Bryan, a single mother for 10 years and founder of Single Parent Australia and website letsgomum. It adds another layer of difficulty and it's exhausting!

Advertisement We've been camping, where I erected my first-ever tent by myself, and I've taken my boys skiing every winter, which means lugging three sets of skis to the mountain while negotiating the requisite meltdowns over clunky boots and cumbersome helmets.

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The causes are not just separation, divorce and the death of a spouse but also the many women who choose to have children on their own. It wasn't quite how I'd imagined our first trip to Disneyland, but it's one of the pitfalls of travelling alone with children. Then there are the parents who travel solo with kids for other reasons, such as the work commitments of their spouse. It's a travel trend that's becoming more common in Australia because of the increasing number of single-parent families — according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, households with one parent have increased from 6. There's no school or work. With night falling and two hungry kids in the back, I took a punt that an exit would bring us into an amenable neighbourhood where we could ask directions. And I do. Buckley and Squire say there are many options that don't fit the two-plus-two mould; it's just a case of knowing where to look. The kids are just using existing bedding Buckley believes advertised packages rarely suit any family, even those who fit the two-plus-two model.

From then on, I started to take pride in our family.

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