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A Stevie Jackson Solo album?

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Stevie Jackson writes and sings both 'Chickfactor' and 'Seymour Stein'. They apparently whittled the 13 songs down from a mindboggling twenty nine or something, which they were going to release as a mammoth double CD album. This is the template and benchmark by which twee indie pop must be judged. Ah Bel. The music is fast, performed well and again, keyboards enhance the overall sound nicely. You grow up. And I actually really liked this on first listen, but found it counter- infectious, almost. Especially this one. Then Ben Allen, our producer, came in and realised the whole thing on record. TQ has heard four freshly-mastered tracks from upcoming album Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance and we prick up our ears up at the opening line of new track 'Allie' — "when there's bombs in the Middle East, you want to hurt yourself" — while 'Cat With The Cream' observes "everybody bet on the boom and got busted". Murdoch took copies of the album to Glasgow's record shops, but sales were slow. Readers Comments Aaron glenn mitchell

The same music but with singing this time and beautiful harmonies. The song that follows this fairly startling opener is the eloquent and keyboard enhanced 'Seeing Other People'. A bunch of people rushed out to buy this in the UK ensuring a top ten album placing.

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Still, we get a classic Stuart Murdoch song to open. The type of wall of noise used well on the lead track from the 'Lazy Line Painter' EP is re-employed here. Yet, guitar obviously.

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Or over-produced? It's fast, furious and thrashy. We get happy, uplifting, melodic guitars.

Belle and sebastian write about love album lyrics site

I'll be an adult by that time! But first, I have a complaint. Because it didn't seem like any time at all. Ok, it's a sound-track album, not an album proper. I'm not sure how correct that last word is exactly, but nevermind! Gorgeous, lyrics that are actually interesting and engaging, and did I say gorgeous. A brief burst of harmonies provide sunshine in the middle of the song - we get a repetition of the opening verse and that's it. Still, Stuart Murdoch returns belle and sebastian fans : "yay! There's a country influence in here somewhere, too. Playing it cool might be the band's strategy with the album in general, too. Theres just a great sense of a band with a vision here and special sounding songs to back it up. So, I did have something to take home after all.
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