Big boy leves home

Big boy leves home

All fo of em! Shucks, he told himself, ef there wuz any snakes in here they sho woulda done bit me by now. Escape, especially to the North, is rendered symbolically with the existence of northbound trains in the story. Why didut he hurry up n c mon?

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The clay was cold to his knees and thighs, but his bosom was kept warm by the hot pone of corn bread. He imagined whole nests of them in there waiting.

Mabbe the white man woulda killed all of em! N it wuz almos dark now. Big Boy's family and three friends arrange for his escape by hiding him in a brick kiln where he will wait for a truck driver to deliver him to safety in Chicago. Wright portrays women as an Avenger, a Sufferer and a Mother figure whose actions propel the stories to their final conclusion. In Big Boy's case he threatens or overpowers no one—he merely survives by escaping. Eventually, Bobo is captured by the mob, who tar and feather him as Big Boy is forced to listen. Although Big Boy is successful in his escape, his friend BoBo is not so lucky.

Whut wuz he thinkin erbout? Once inside a kiln he would be safe.

Yeah, they wuz creepin up on im! But where Julia Peterkin in her pastorals and Roark Bradford in his levee farces show violence to be the reaction of primitives unadjusted to modern civilization, Richard Wright shows it as the way in which civilization keeps the Negro in his place.

Behind the dark pines hung a red sun. He put the stick into the hole and waved it around. Then Big Boy was upon him, pounding blows home, one on top of the other. He longed for a match. He spat and shuddered.

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Richard Wright's Big Boy Leaves Home Essay