Capital punishment the golden rule essay

Arguments for capital punishment essay

Californian adults voted in Proposition 34 -- a citizen initiative -- on election day in early NOV. Even if it seems likely that punishing some criminals will not effect their moral growth and may not even deter them, the moral education of the community about the nature of their crimes can still be promoted by their punishment. What is indispensable for our "nightcode" is the golden rule of Emanuel Kant. Robert, "Punishment as Language", Ethics, 71 , pp. Different cultural backgrounds arent the only influencing element for our varying ideas of how we want to be treated. In Kate Choplin's essay "A Respectable Woman", Choplin identifies her view of a respectable woman through an instance in the life of a woman named Mrs. Some people say that because we interact for the most part with people of the same culture as our own, its ok to assume that everyone will share similar societal expectations and we should thus treat them as we would want to be treated. The practice is not uniform across the states in the US. The death penalty is hypocritical; it condemns killing by killing people.

To begin with, punishment is understood as "the infliction of pain or penalties or the deprivation of privileges, by an authorized person or persons on a person or persons believed to be guilty of having broken the law or more generally of having done wrong".

Many people find that capital punishment is just when it comes to killing a murderer The smell led some states to change their main execution type to lethal injection.

Death penalty opponents think of that capital punishment is barbaric.

Arguments against capital punishment essay

The smell led some states to change their main execution type to lethal injection. Governor Pet Ricketts R has vetoed the bill. However since we tolerate the death of innocents in mines or highways as a cost of economic development, it cannot be convincingly contended that the risk of executing an innocent is still so great an evil as to outweigh all other considerations. A practical illustration of this will be a substantial number of countries that have retained the death penalty and have not yet enforced it. It is a highly controversial topic and many people and great thinkers alike have debated about it. As of year ended in , in Texas, the state had executed prisoners since Although this famous philosopher was not necessarily against the death penalty, his moral theories support the abolition of such a heinous act. Most importantly, the death penalty should remain within the jurisdiction of a state.

You have the side where some people think that putting prisoners to death is inhumane and that no matter what they did putting a human to death is wrong. People who do these things without aiming to be part of a mainstream society.

What is indispensable for our "nightcode" is the golden rule of Emanuel Kant. Even in a practical world, it is arguable that the benefits of implementing a capital punishment system outweigh the costs. A typical eighty-year-old American woman, on the other hand, might want to be treated with more formal respect, and probably wouldnt be particularly interested in either video games or girls or at least not in the same sense as the teenage boy.

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Some of the states do not allow capital punishment while others have the law permitting capital punishment; however, execution procedures may differ.

It is by far the oldest form of punishment in the world and remains in effect in many nations. None of us want our love ones dead, but what happens if they are murdered or run over by a reckless drunk driver?

Capital punishment the golden rule essay

I do not think that capital punishment should be used, let alone that the retributivist argument justifies its use. The final, irrevocable nature of the death penalty makes it the "most appropriate" and "most impressive" morally permissible penalty to be exacted on "greatest crime known to the law". Kant believes in the theory of the categorical …show more content… This law of retaliation is taught throughout our entire childhood and applies universally. Also, if we have to abolish a rule or practice, unless we treated everyone equally by the same rules all the time, we would have to abolish traffic laws and laws against rape, theft even murder. However, this viewpoint doesnt account for differing perspectives that stem from non-societal causes, such as age or gender, as previously described in the situation with the elderly woman and the teenage boy. As Joseph M. Introduction: Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is a government empowered operation whereby an individual is subject to fatality by the state as a discipline for their wrongdoing.

However, the Legislature overode the veto by a vote of 30 to English: Total number of executions carried out in However, if we adhere to the idea presented earlier that one shouldnt make assumptions about others ideas of how to treat people, we are left with no way of knowing others wants or needs besides simply asking.

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Capital punishment; the death penalty: all points of view