Chapter 4 service marketing

service product planning

We will discuss quality and level of service further in Chapter 9. The human brain cannot absorb and remember all of these messages; people will screen out most of the stimuli they are exposed to.

Potential travellers and guests will respond, in varying degrees, to traditional channels and emerging online communications tools.

core and supplementary services examples

Heskett, W. Street furniture includes bus shelters, kiosks, and shopping malls. Business Sector Airlines, banks, hotels, insurance companies, law firms, management consulting firms, medical practices, motion-picture companies, plumbing-repair companies and real estate firms.

process line extension example

BC Ferries Vacations travel experts help travellers create a personalized vacation complete with ferry reservations to bring all-in-one convenience, quality, and value.

Are the supporting systems in place to deliver the promised service?

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Chapter Services Marketing