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First, I asked him about the background regarding the denomination of the church and how that came about.

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After reading through the book, I have gained understanding on the Christian Councils, scholasticism, Christendom, and modern trends of Christianity For everyone would know that if a wife such as Queen Katherine of England could be put aside for no reason, then any wife could be put aside. The story is told from the perspective of the common people or individual. This was not because the clergy were running away; rather, the clergy stayed and helped the people in villages, knowing the likelihood they would survive would be slim throughout this epidemic The Jewish people had two essential problems with Gentiles simply getting baptized and joining the faith; the first was that all Jews were circumcised but the Gentiles were not, and the second is that Jews had to adhere to particular dietary restrictions which The mass I went to was on the Sunday of Orthodox which is known as the first Sunday of Lent where they honor the icons. Councils were held, doctrine developed, and great strides were taken in order to have Christianity be one catholic church. In my current context, the church has been in existence for twenty years, with no physical church home. Women experience a political and social struggle to this day.

Bede wrote the history of past events of Christianity 's struggles, the great men that protected it and enforced it. From the beginning of salvation history, music has been utilized by all the faithful and perhaps one of the greatest expressions of musical worship in the church would be Gregorian chant.

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A challenge that has presented itself is the teachings of heresies. The Church told you what to think and what to believe in. We have the ability to think and make our own decisions. He went to the University of Paris in it was not unusual to attend university at so young an agewhere he learned Latin from the humanist Mathurin Cordier.

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Religion is commodified for this reason. The Church was founded from the very beginnings on the Christian beliefs and is customary to regard the St. Augustine was a troublesome child from his beginnings, in the early part of his life, although very intelligent, he was not focused in school and had poor grades in the subject that he disliked. Moorman, pp. Martin Luther was born in and died in Meanwhile, they converted the local Indians to Christianity. The Episcopal Church stems from the Church of England, dating to at least the second century. Olson is an Arminian theologian and church history scholar who is aware of the climate of evangelicalism. Also, in B. We own our own destiny and we can choose what to do wit. In the late medieval period, there was one big factor causing all the troubles between the church and the society, money
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