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Brown, D.

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Technological Advances in Banking. The Evolution of the Harvard Referencing Style Due to its simplicity and ease of use, the format has become one of the most widely used citation styles in the world.

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Establishing Correlation Between Genetics and Nonresponse. Year published. Robin, J.

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Title of Paper or Proceedings. URLs are no longer a requirement for digital media if the information provided in the Harvard citation is sufficient to find the source without it. Digital fortress. Brown, D. Entry title. Most encyclopedias are organized in alphabetical order. Last name, First initial. Anaheim: Foundation Publications, Inc, pp. Bressler, L.

If you need clarification, La Trobe University has additional information. In: L.

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A journal article retrieved from a library database can be referenced as though it were a print journal. Parker, G. The popular format is typically used in assignments and publications for humanities as well as natural, social and behavioural sciences. Note that some universities, and certain disciplines, may also require you to provide a bibliography. If you need clarification, University of Southern Queensland has additional information. New York: Knopf. Harvard Reference List Citations for Government Publications Government publications consist of documents that are issued by local, state, or federal governments, offices, or subdivisions.
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Ultimate Guide to Harvard Referencing