Easy writing prompts

The Rocket-ship: Write about a rocket-ship on its way to the moon or a distant galaxy far, far, away.

creative writing prompts middle school

Fear: What scares you a little? Write a story about how others have been keeping your character alive for over years because of a secret they know. Compile a list of words that describe you as a child. Turn one of the last texts you sent into a story. Carlton Clark loves to write about business, baseball, and popular culture.

Rushing: Write about moving quickly and doing things fast. Write one characteristic or habit about yourself that you like and describe it.

creative writing prompts high school

Begin a list of questions that you'd like to have answered. When an unknown but distinct brand marking is discovered between their shoulder blades, your character has to find out who they are and why they did it.

How so? That is, until one is discovered with a freshly removed human scalp on the dashboard.

Easy writing prompts
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Journal Writing Prompts: Enough for Every Day of the School Year