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Newsweek cites R. However women will only mix around with people whom they like.

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Men and Women are extremely different in many ways. All we have to do to see examples like t The reason why, we will never know, but throughout history these two beings have been compared through every aspects of life. This might be the nurture characteristics which women have because whenever they face difficulties they want to solve it as soon as possible. The men are weaker. Male leaders usually are faster at making decision and more confident as to compare with women. Retrieved on March, from the ProQuest database. The differing communication skills between men and women present challenges that can lead to foreseeable problems in relationships.

As I am not a psychologist, I am not going to cover the abundant traditional psychological theories about the subject, as for instance the one by Jung which takes into consideration the differences between "animus" and "anima".

Men usually could mix around very easily with other people because they are the more easy going people. In my opinion, we are here facing a "natural" development, not a cultural one.

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The reason why, we will never know, but throughout history these two beings have been compared through every aspects of life. These differences may affect our ability to communicate with our counterpart.

See also the version in Portuguese.

Compare and contrast essay on gender differences

Women also tend to have a larger corpus collusum — the group of nerve fibers that connects left and right hemispheres. Newsweek cites R. The different physical constitution manifests itself in the different ways of walking: men walk in a straight way, women go on moving the hips in a round fashion. It is believed that, women are better in these areas. Research has shown that women do not acquire any further leadership skills to become a better manager because of the nurture characteristics which they portray. The amount of nonsense, and irrelevant materials and exchanged messages surpass enormously the useful utilization of the Internet. I strongly recommend reading the accompanying full-of-humor article by George Hackett in Newsweek. Thus, the best elements of both disciplines have been combined to produce optimum results and the line of distinction between the two is now often blurred.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Women typically tend to focus on building a rapport by sharing experiences or asking questions, while men prefer taking or giving information rather than building a rapport.

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