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Have an editor check your content for organization and development. Digital[ edit ] Digital proofreading has taken many forms in recent years, such as assistive software and grammar checking tools that have made locating and correcting errors very convenient for writers of all kinds.

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Thus the manager will read from the same copy that the first reader saw, and be aware of any volume and deadline pressures the first reader was under, and can directly observe the individual in real time.

Under these conditions, proofreaders tend to see only what they want to see. Where proofs can programmatically[ clarification needed ] be read only once, the quality will randomly but persistently fall below expectations. Contrary to popular belief, proofreading is not the grammar, spelling, and punctuation check.

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In the above example, two thumps after 'buluhvuhd' might be acceptable to proofreaders familiar with the text. The thesis has now been accepted and approved by the GDR office. As a professional editing company, we know all too well that there are exceptions to the rule, and that writing between authors of similar backgrounds can vary greatly. Is the tone appropriate for the audience? What exactly does proofreading mean, then? I see that too. Experienced copy holders employ various codes and verbal short-cuts that accompany their reading. As you do so, begin developing your outline by adding supporting details and source information. The spoken word 'digits', for example, means that the numbers about to be read are not words spelled out; and 'in a hole' can mean that the upcoming segment of text is within parentheses. Quality writing and absolute adherence to academic conventions are two cornerstones of successful academic publishing. In these kinds of multitasking desktop-publishing environments, human resources departments may even classify proofreading as a clerical skill generic to literacy itself. Alternative methods[ edit ] 'Copy holding' or 'copy reading' employs two readers per proof.

Such proofs may or may not be accompanied by the copy pages that the proofreader saw. In the example of thermographic business-card printing, even when there are no reprints, there is considerable wastage of paper and ink in preparing each of the press runs, which are separated by color.

Promotion is rare for these proofreaders because they tend to be valued more for their present skill set than for any potential leadership ability.

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Mutual understanding is the only guiding principle, so codes evolve as opportunity permits. The second approach to informal testing is to wait for some days or weeks and then, as time allows, randomly select proofs to re-read while outside the department.

We avoid editor jargon and focus on helping writers make an informed choice between an editing or proofreading service. Numerous books are also available that instruct the basics to their readers. Repeat number 8.

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Usually, this is done without warning, and sometimes it will be done secretly.

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