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Among others, the Punong Barangay is empowered to enforce all laws and ordinances; maintain public order; ensure the delivery of basic services; enforce laws and regulations relating to pollution control and protection of the environment; adopt measures to prevent and control the proliferation of squatters; and adopt measures to prevent and eradicate drug abuse, child abuse, and juvenile delinquency. The best that I was able to gather is the basic real estate tax allocation to the barangays in Quezon City for the second quarter, which I extrapolated to an annual basis that results in an average of P3. If, for some reason, the parents could not, the Punong Barangay should determine the problem and refer it to the municipality or city to provide a solution. Fox as quoted in the book of O. If some barangay citizens could not be persuaded to do these things, the Punong Barangay should report them to the municipality and the police for violation of laws and ordinances, and let these authorities do what is necessary. It should be noted that the real estate tax in Quezon City is very likely higher than in other cities and towns, except probably in Manila and Makati. RESULTS: Subsequent to the introduction of devolution, quality and coverage of health services declined in some locations, particularly in rural and remote areas. It should consist only of the Punong Barangay and an assistant. But, for the most parts, I anticipate that this new barangay system will create star performers who will do wonders and contribute greatly to the betterment of the Philippine communities, simply because the system will not attract opportunists and rent seekers, but those who truly want to make a great contribution to creating and maintaining wholesomeness, progress, and peace in their small communities. Equally important, the Punong Barangay should regularly identify school age youth who are not going to school, and talk to the parents and encourage them to keep their children in school to finish high school. The Code devolved basic services for agriculture extension, forest management, health services, barangay township roads and social welfare to Local Government Units. With this changed responsibility, the office of the Punong Barangay can be made very simple. Its key findings include: i there is a mismatch between financial capabilities and devolved functions owing to limited funds being spent mostly on personal services, with little money left to finance these functions; ii different priorities of barangays mean different utilization of their Barangay Development Fund BDF , with some of them failing to spend on important basic services such as education and health, as well as on economic development sector; iii like other barangays, those in the study areas in Agusan del Sur and Dumaguete City are found to be highly IRA- dependent, with IRA comprising 85 to 97 percent of total income; iv barangays are not addressing the misalignment of revenue and expenditure assignment, as well as the counter-equalizing and disincentive effects of IRA, by not raising enough own-source revenues in their localities and optimizing their use of corporate powers as evidenced by zero percentage on borrowings, for example. I find these expenditures to be a waste of money.

Overview of devolution of health services in the Philippines. His own house should be used as his office.

Let us double this amount to cover the shares of the barangay in basic real estate tax and revenue from exploitation of national wealth.

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There are currently a little over 42, barangays all over the country. It was found that in , system effects included a breakdown in management systems between levels of government, declining utilization particularly in the hospital sector, poor staff morale, a decline in maintenance of infrastructure and under financing of operational costs of services. This is the reason why, in many cases that I have observed, barangay funds are spent on such things as installing street lights, painting colors to lamp posts and trees lining the streets, displaying Christmas decorations, procuring and maintaining a barangay vehicle, and building and maintaining a barangay hall. Of course, there will always be laggards among the Punong Barangays. Punong Barangays will be making an invaluable contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of the Filipino nation. Its function in resolving people disputes for which the present system has been effective, should be retained. Rapid appraisals of health management systems were conducted in both provinces. In addition, the Punong Barangay should be given responsibility in getting the citizens to: keep the barangay clean and free of waste; to not pollute the rivers by throwing waste in them and using them as toilet or for cleaning clothes. The barangay funds could have been pooled together to build something of larger economic value that provides higher multiplier effect for the province or city. Regrettably, under the Local Government Code, the barangay was structured and is presently functioning as another level of government — the lowest level.

But the periodic election should be able to check bad performance. The Punong Barangay does not carry a stick, of course.

It was found that insystem effects included a breakdown in management systems between levels of government, declining utilization particularly in the hospital sector, poor staff morale, a decline in maintenance of infrastructure and under financing of operational costs of services.

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It is up to the Punong Barangay to rekindle that spirit and carry it to a higher level. But it is big, if it does not do much.

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Do barangays really matter in local services delivery? Some Issues and Policy Options