Formation change self concept

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Theoretically, the concepts of complexity and clarity are independent of each other—a person could have either a more or less complex self-concept that is either well defined and consistent, or ill defined and inconsistent.

Self-concept clarity, the extent to which individuals have self-concepts that are clearly defined and stable over time, can also help people to respond more positively to challenging situations.

Formation change self concept

This image develops in a number of ways but is particularly influenced by our interactions with important people in our lives. Only in this way will you transform your self-concept and optimize how you live your life. Bowen, M. Self-concept is the image that we have of ourselves. Once more, these findings make sense if we consider that the pressure to avoid self-discrepant feelings will tend to be higher in individualistic cultures, where people are expected to be more cross-situationally consistent in their behaviors. At last report, he and his wife are making significant strides in their relationship. During this developmental stage, boys who develop early tend to have a more positive view of themselves as opposed to early developing females who view themselves more negatively. Under this view, being unidentified and thereby unaccountable has the psychological consequence of reducing inner restraints and increasing behavior that is usually repressed, such as that often seen in riots. When we compare ourselves to others and find ourselves lacking, it can have a negative impact on our self-esteem.

In implementing this exercise, Sandy was in effect consciously occupying a position that she had unconsciously occupied all along, that of one who preserved a negative status by systematically discounting a great deal of evidence.

This often manifests in a lack of confidence and pessimism. Hoffman, L. A number of factors can impact self-esteem, including how we compare ourselves to others and how others respond to us.

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Perhaps people with higher self-esteem tend to have a more well-defined and stable view of their positive qualities, whereas those with lower self-esteem show more inconsistency and instability in their self-concept, which is then more vulnerable to being negatively affected by challenging situations.

Koestner, R. Gender differences[ edit ] Research frominspired by the differences in self-concept across cultures, suggested that men tend to be more independent, while women tend to be more interdependent.

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Self concept and self esteem