Friendship is not important

Sometimes people change and grow apart, and it's entirely OK. But there was no going back for good. The reality is other meaningful people will inevitably enter your lives outside of your duo, and if the friendship can't evolve, it likely can't last anyway.

I once decided I no longer wanted to be friends with a person after I saw them be rude to a waiter one too many times.

one sided friendship

In adulthood, as people grow up and go away, friendships are the relationships most likely to take a hit. Are you an ambivert?

Friendship is not important

You Don't Trust Them In a piece for CBS News on recognizing toxic friendships, Karen Valencic, founder of Spiral Impact and an expert in conflict-resolution, stressed the importance of feeling like you can trust the other person. But somehow I never felt I could reach out. Also, family is more important. Part of caring for a friend is honoring what they tell you, no matter the significance, with confidentiality and respect. In most other friendships, however, change means new ground that can draw a wedge between friends, even when their relationship is seemingly good on the surface. In healthy friendships, both friends should be able to make decisions together and compromise without being shut down. The reason why I did not think of them first, is probably because it is a friendship that has been difficult for me to allow and maintain. My friend could have helped me get clarity, but I felt I would not have had the strength and guts to do something about it all. It'd be great if you could freeze time and take all those wonderful friends you have and keep them just as they are. It often lead to me getting walked on, or devoting time to people who never seemed to devote it back. They will do this gladly because they love you as you love them," Butler said.

But there isn't always an even give and take in friendship. You get so used to being with someone that you just accept them with their frailties or limitations.

None of my friendships last

Even a new one every few days for twelve years is completely barmy. Family meanwhile would band together and overcome their difficulties. Birthdays, stag dos, weekends away, parties. Tommy would be a memory to me. One friend can betray another, and suddenly, the friendship is done. I would leave our encounters feeling emotionally exhausted, and yet never felt like she was willing to return the favor. Your friends however are merely tools, to be used to achieve more and more. Otherwise we can repeat the same unhealthy cycles for years. If I treat my children as my own personal little slaves, I prevent them from achieving their potential life. It feels like the blink of an eye. For example, you get good marks in a subject, and your friend is probably jealous of you, and will dishonestly congratulate you as green worms zoom around in their stomach. The person encouraged me to find connections in literature and music. The problem is that by its very nature, people get an emotional benefit from friendship that they enjoy and in some cases depend on. How do you share your faith with people in a way that will lead them to life change? Once I realized I never felt good after our encounters, I didn't feel too bad about slowly phasing her out of my life.

This filial love unites you and enables you to say or do things for the good of the other. In most cases it ends, not in friendship, but with one of you desperately looking around for another person to drag into the conversation so you can politely make a run for it.

And some people do manage to stay friends for life, or at least for a sizable chunk of life.

friends are not important in life

Keep yourself to yourself. And I've never regretted it!

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