Gender and toys essay

how toys affect gender roles

If the child is female, their room will often be painted pink with cutesy borders. For instance, pattern of high variability may show different primary biological mechanisms than are revealed by designs of low variability.

essay on childrens toys

The colors typically used on either side are very stereotypical in themselves How much does this reassure the sociological idea of gender itself? They imitate and learn the things that adults and other peers around them do.

These colors symbolize passiveness and serenity. These dolls can push boundaries on how suggestive their marketing can get. In the exercise I observed that, manufacturers differentiate, whom a toy is aimed at, through the color of the toy and how it is packaged. They will buy boys' toys that teach them different male activities, and girls toys that teach them female activities.

When I played with them, I started to question why all of their toys were just for boys. Early on, children learn what is means to be a boy or girl from societal standards.

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Essay about Gender Stereotypes Among Children's Toys