Generative writing allows a fiction writer to

Generative literature opens up a creative field for a renewal of narration. Every surface may be used as medium for texts, not only sheets of paper but also all sorts of 'screens' which can be a mountain, a building, a screen of a cellular phone, a person's body etc.

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October 17, By: Jason Bougger Hi all! Indeed, these fragments may not change in their form and once they have been given to the reader they are located on the arrow of time forever; they can not be displaced and thus the game is very different for the writer and for the reader: the reception of the text is fixed whereas this was not the case during its production.

Your personal statement should outline where you are in your writing practice or career and what you hope to get out of the class. Because prolepsis and analepsis can only be understood from the perspective of linear reading.

There is neither prolepsis nor analepsis in the reading, the reading is linear and always backwards: prolepsis and analepsis are only writing games, engrammation procedures, playing with the arrow of time.

Carrying us away toward a rapture which is also that of unresponsiveness. Against that museum art, that library-and-dust art, generative writing is an art of consummation which refuses to look back on its tracks, which it regards as nothing more than signs turned toward something else.

That means a literature of which the author does not write the final texts but which only works at the level of the high rank components such as: conceptual models, knowledge rules, dictionary entries and rhetoric definitions.

Generative writing allows a fiction writer to

Hence each story appears to be a combination of smaller stories which have a kind of independence from each other except from the diegesis point of view. How can we, as writers, do justice to this great city and its massive contradictions? There is no end to writing and reading but a generative text can infinitely be continued. Ah, a good question. The deadline to apply for the workshop is Friday, May 24th at pm ET. Without a doubt, the book as a product of a dated technology using fixed engrammation procedures has become a reductive matrix that we have to reform; to liberate the text from the linearity and the determination of its pages, to allow text to reveal itself by other means, in other contexts with other possibilities of expression. There is no structure of the narrative, only an idea of a virtual one built by the reading itself. What was your experience like? What this process assumes is the fecundating power of language as it enriches itself within all the restraining particularities of any given context. In generative literature, there certainly also is an author but one who has not really written the text which is being presented to a reader, his function is not the one we usually assign to an author. But, in this paper, I will speak about generative narratives, not about generative poetry, the concepts and approaches of which are undeniably rather different. October 17, By: Jason Bougger Hi all! Des haut-parleurs diffusent partout le nom du dieu du jour! That old temptation, outlined in several historical attempts, now finds its fulfilment thanks to the possibilities that computerization allows.

The class will meet weekly on Thursday nights from 7pm - 9pm.

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From Memory and Imagination: A Generative Writing Workshop