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Steinbeck Jim Casey pursued these ideals right to his death as he was in the process of attempting to organize the migrant workers to unite in numbers to gain power.

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He accomplished this by telling the story from the viewpoint of a particular family, rather then the migrant workers as a whole. Steinbeck wrote this book for one reason; to make the plight and difficulties of the migrant workers known to all of America.

Employing a variety of literary styles and techniques, Steinbeck is able to cross-reference details, interweave symbols, and provide outside commentary on narrative events in such a way that the two types of chapters blend together, unifying and enhancing the social and humanist themes of the novel.

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Through these methods, Steinbeck weaves a web in which religion is presented as a double-edged blade; one can go to the path of being truly a devout, kind person, or one can choose the path of zealously, condemning all who would oppose or go against their views Steinbeck showed what these people went through from their eviction from their home, to their eventually self-destruction and failure as a family.

In the novel The Grapes of Wrath, author John Steinbeck conveys the connection people have with their land, without which they feel they cannot survive mentally or physically The chapter contrasts the new farming method with the older one.

Upon the arrival of Tom and Jim, they are quick to discover, through the knowledge of Muley, an old friend of Tom, that his family has already left, but were unable to reach him to let him know what was happening to them.

The truck driver represented the Californians, whom Buried food and killed live stock to keep the Joad's and others like them away from their dream.

So what is Steinbeck trying to tell us?

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