How to write a book report in a newspaper format

Although a news story can be creative and entertaining, too. Book report projects focus mostly on giving a summary of a literary work than an evaluation of it.

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The first article is about the person's early life and the second newspaper article is about the most important events that happened in this person's life and what made this person famous. This visual example immediately grabs my students' attention and they are excited to start working on this project from the very beginning.

Or you could choose to write an advice column, in which one of the characters writes in to ask for advice about a certain plot point. Besides, you should stay creative. Although there can be flexibility in how one can design a book report, there are some general formatting guidelines that will show you understood the main ideas and themes of the book.

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To help you consider what information should go into a book report our How to Write a Book Report article offers five simple steps to boost your confidence in the writing process.

This will encourage you to think more critically about the materials, literature, and novels that you read. Sketch out a rough draft of your illustrations and decide what this person will be saying in each speech bubble.

Sample newspaper article about an event

Center the title below your name and course information. Step 1 Choose a name for the newspaper you are creating. Essential part of your paper is the body. Instead, wrap up the plot summary in just a paragraph or two. Review your research and notes. Everything that you need to complete these biography newspaper projects is included in this set of teaching resources. Instead of a traditional and often boring one page worksheet, I have created a four template biography project and combined it with the theme of designing a newspaper. They cover one subject from multiple angles and are written in a more creative, entertaining format. Article 2: Write a newspaper article about the most important events that happened in this person's life and what made this person famous. Steps of Writing a Book Report Looking for advice on how to start a book report?

Below: Biography Book Report Banner 5 printable worksheets that are glued together to form a bulletin board display banner. This is also a wonderful opportunity to share a book that I would like to encourage my students to read.

You should use one of the appropriate academic styles to organize the citations and bibliographical information: MLA, APA, Chicago etc.

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How to Write a Book Report: Step