Importance of a good understanding of travel motivation

determinants and motivations of tourism demand

Changes in value of currency, political situations, and economic well-being of the country influence the decisions of a tourist. Then there is the motivation that is more defined and helps determine the type of holiday and destination q Another trend is taking shorter holidays more frequently and this must be related to reasons of deficiencies rather than a lack of something.

In that case it is about the individual tourist preferring bodily and spiritual wellness.

Travel motivation quotes

Desire as a main travel motive may also concern intangibles, such as certain emotions or deep spiritual experiences. The various motivations that potential tourists generate have a direct influence on the type of holiday they choose. Several times during the year there is this impulse that requires attention and demands free time in order to satisfy these needs — leisure time is still increasing in the West compared to working time. Nowadays tourists satisfy a series of needs, whereas before the start of the 21st century only a few needs were being satisfied. The alienation of the home environment during the period of being a tourist refers to a space-related liminality, wherein places that themselves are liminal, such as beaches between land and sea , are usually preferred. A lack of rest over-fatigue may lead to a need and subsequent travel motive. As a consequence, a growing need for increased luxury and comfort can be observed, which translates into the use of spa resorts, centres for well being and more luxurious hotel rooms mainly 4 and 5-star ones. Tourism destinations often try to attract potential tourists and this pull factor can instigate a person to create a motive for travelling and to develop the corresponding motivation to visit this particular destination.

It is the satisfaction-forming factor. There are external motives in tourism that can influence tourists and pull them towards a certain motivation and subsequent decision.

robinsons classification in travel motivation

It should be noted that this model is based on the Western world and in those parts where community life is especially valued, the ultimate goal is often not self realization but being able to serve the group, for example.

Motivation of the tourists stems from the domain of human psychology.

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Tourist motivatons, Tourist needs.