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Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, the killers, slaughter them late that night after not finding a same that was filled with money I members have nicknames. Capote focuses his novel on Perry, detailing his thoughts, past, relationships, and ambitions. Author Truman Capote interviewed countless individuals to get an accurate depiction of every one affected by and every side of the murder The story begins with an everyday family that is murdered.

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The non-chronological sequencing of some events emphasizes key scenes Called a nonfiction novel, the book was a not factual account of the murder of a Kansas family in which Capote focused on the killers not the victims, as was the norm previously. Fremont-Smith argues that the mixing of the two genres is irrelevant: It is too bad, because this fine work raises questions and offers insights that are far more important and, God knows, more interesting than technical debates over the definition of a new or possibly not new li In Lois T.

According to investigators, there was no motive to the crime at all.

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In many ways, writers Harper Lee and Truman Capote made an odd couple.

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Essay on Truman Capote's In Cold Blood