Indonesian value and ideology of toraja

The chief consultant addressed this thinly veiled criticism by declaring that he understood Toraja culture because he was from the same island.

Indonesian value and ideology of toraja

Some of the slaughtered animals are given by guests as "gifts", which are carefully noted because they will be considered debts of the deceased's family. Developers have been known to exploit the local people and many of their sacred relics, like the tau tau, have been bought or stolen by tourists. In the Indonesian director general of tourism declared Tana Toraja Regency the touristic "prima donna of South Sulawesi. The zoning proposals are built upon the assumption that a material site is divorced from its social life. For the Toraja people, life very much revolves around death, but not in a morbid sense. When the first celestial ancestors came to earth centuries ago, the gods gave them 7, traditional rules of conduct to take to earth. Ma'bua is a major Toraja ceremony in which priests wear a buffalo head and dance around a sacred tree. As we walked out, several commented, "We'll show them. Buffalo carcasses, including their heads, are usually lined up on a field waiting for their owner, who is in the "sleeping stage". What's the point? In the anthropologist Eric Crystal wrote, "Probably no other area mirrors the fundamentals of Southeast Asia as well as Tana Toraja. In forbidding people to alter their traditional houses in some cases questioning whether tongkonans should be inhabited in the first place, because human occupancy can damage these "tourist objects" , outside consultants ignore the connection of living people to these structures.

After the sacrifice, the meat is distributed to the funeral visitors in accordance with visitors' positions in the community, and the spirit of the deceased is also entitled to a portion of meat, known locally as Aluk Todolo.

The zoning proposals are built upon the assumption that a material site is divorced from its social life. Tau tau effigies of the deceased were put in the cave, looking out over the land. As one murmured, "They think they understand our traditions, but they don't - they invite us here for our input, but then they don't listen.

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In our view, the government is simply the instrument of the rules. If those outsiders try to impose their plans on us again, we'll just close our villages to tourists.

Significantly, his analysis is couched in ethnic contrasts: he emphasizes the basic differences in world view between the Javanese and the Toraja.

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As he spoke, Torajas in the room shook their heads unhappily; to them he was clearly an outsider. For them, a funeral is a great celebration of life, much like a going-away party, and is an occasion in which the entire family of the deceased, and all the members the village take part.

As the Toraja case shows, the rivalries that flavor the tone of the planning meetings are twofold: they are between neighboring ethnic groups Buginese, Javanese, etc.

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Cultural Commoditization in Tana Toraja, Indonesia