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Agriculture productivity[ edit ] An hour's work in bought 11 times as much chicken as in Dr Fahrenkrug has also been working on a famous mutation that increases muscle mass.

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Later rounds retained this focus on structural data, but gradually expanded the census content to reflect current areas of concern; the round gave special emphasis to aquaculture, employment and the environment.

This is of interest in understanding the effect of security of land tenure on agricultural practices and household food security. Chapter 4 also provides a list of 89 items that could be considered by countries for inclusion in the census supplementary modules.

Item measures the system i agricultural

People see that there is a greater opportunity to earn their living by farming and are attracted to agriculture either as owners of farms themselves or as labourers. Farms, then, are becoming more like factories: tightly controlled operations for turning out reliable products, immune as far as possible from the vagaries of nature. Only one firm, though, has persisted to the point of regulatory approval. Though unlike sunlight they do not come free, they are so efficient and long-lasting that their spectral advantages seem clinching see chart. Coordinating the agricultural census with the population census may also provide opportunities for a wider range of data for monitoring the MDGs. And hopeful start-ups abound. Self-guiding agricultural machinery such as that sold by John Deere is all but robotic already. The use of agricultural census data for improving current agricultural statistics is also highlighted.

Indiaone of the world's most populous countries, has taken steps in the past decades to increase its land productivity. Indicator 32 refers to land tenure in urban areas. Other openings for entrepreneurs are available, too.

Neo-Luddism is an ever-present threat that can certainly slow down the development of new technologies—as has indeed happened with transgenics.

The agricultural census helps to better understand the causes of poverty and provide baseline data for monitoring poverty alleviation programmes 2. Labourers therefore have more money to spend on food as well as other products.

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The job of smart farming, then, is twofold. More and more, governments are under pressure to cut the costs of providing statistical services.

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The future of agriculture