Liberal studies versus concentrated degree

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To shed some more light on it, we created a prototype search tool that taps into a database of over million job postings to reveal how often employers mention your degree in their jobs ads. Businesses value these graduates' critical thinking skills, communication abilities, and creativity.

Bachelor of Liberal Studies Bachelor of Liberal Studies The Bachelor of Liberal Studies BLS is an exciting interdisciplinary degree that provides students with a unique opportunity to study and integrate concepts from the arts, humanities, natural and mathematical sciences, social and historical studies, and professional fields.

Major skills mentioned in the job postings 4. The top desired skills are management, research, teaching, communications, project management, and writing. Requirements The basic requirements for students undertaking a Liberal Studies B.

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Many of these scholarships are for returning adult students who are pursuing a first degree. Share to twitter Share to linkedin A friend at a major university recently mentioned having a hard time advising a student who was unhappy with her major.

Although proposals resembling an existing degree program may be approved, the LIBA major is not a means by which established programs can be diluted.

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Liberal Studies vs General Studies