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Playing with your dog, cat, or other pet. When writing your essay, keep in mind, that you should focus on the deeper look at yourself, on your inner emotions rather than on the event itself. What metaphors or similes occur to me?

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A surprise that you gave to someone else or that other people gave to you. What led up to admitting a wrong, and to whom? You need to really think about how the personal experience you have chosen to focus on impacted or changed you.

Reflective essay topics for grade 7

First time speaking in public: You are up on that stage and all you see is spinning lights, what happened? Your work will more likely have a clear through line of thought, making it easier for the reader to understand. If you are writing a reflective essay as part of an academic exercise, chances are your tutor will ask you to focus on a particular episode — such as a time when you had to make an important decision — and reflect on what the outcomes were. Your favourite online spaces like social networks, websites or forums. A time when you felt lost in life. The thesis statement should reveal your main purpose. Everyone gets behind sometimes and these services can help when the time you have to finish your paper has reached a critical point. The town where you grew up. Do you feel you are adopted? Describe your relationship with a family member. AuthorSandra W. Are there some changes I need to make? The most beautiful thing you have ever seen. So, if possible, choose a topic that you can get excited about or emotionally attached to.

What past experiences are similar to this one? But what remains the same, is that you need to start your outline by drafting the introduction, body and conclusion. Thus, it is important to keep your composition concise. What would you see?

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What do you like most about yourself? Introduction As is the case with all essays, your reflective essay must begin within an introduction that contains both a hook and a thesis statement. More on this below.

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Reflective Essay Topic Ideas