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I see the shapes of girls who pass To bend and barter at desire's call. Ginsberg tells America that he smokes "marijuana every chance I get," that he gets drunk in Chinatown, and that he has read the writings of Karl Marx.

As the colonists grew in confidence, the poetry they wrote increasingly reflected their drive towards independence.

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He asks if America is being "sinister" or if the country, through is artistic suppression and police-like state, is simply playing some kind of twisted practical joke on him and those like him. Communism will make all persons equal and these populists want only to maintain the discriminatory status quo. Mavericks all, their L. In reading the poem aloud one better understands the conversational nature of the poem. America when will you be angelic? He uses a derogatory phrase here mainly to set the tone of discrimination that he has now admitted he participates in. But this line also has personal resonance for Ginsberg. Ginsberg sets a more "serious" tone for the end by telling America upfront that "this is quite serious" Their critics sometimes associate this traditionalism with the conservative politics of the Reagan era, noting the recent appointment of Gioia as Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. Eliot — were the leading figures at the time, with their rejection of traditional poetic form and meter and of Victorian diction. Stone , Timothy Steele , and Marilyn Hacker. See Jack Dempsey, ed. The Language school includes a high proportion of women, which mirrors another general trend—the rediscovery and promotion of poetry written both by earlier and contemporary women poets. The first stanza is sixteen lines, the second and third both twelve, the fourth and fifth both ten. After the therapist asked Ginsberg what would make him ultimately happy, Ginsberg tells him that writing poetry and living the life of the artist is what would make him happy.

First Quatrain: "Although she feeds" to "tests my youth! When will it become "angelic" 8when will it see the death and destruction that it has caused, when will it understand that its own political oppression is greater than the political oppression of the "Trotskyites" communists that it denounces and goes to war with 11?

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This striking image implicitly compares the stripes of the American flag to the stripes of the predatory tiger, suggesting that it is America who is in fact "Other" because of the inhuman and brutal way it treats its black citizens. She was one of the best-known poets of her day, at least in the colonies, and her poems were typical of New England culture at the time, meditating on religious and classical ideas.

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Ginsberg accuses the country of "pushing" him and he asserts that he knows "what I'm doing"

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