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And after a final approval, the milk products are considered fit for delivery and transferred to the warehouse. Moreover, packaged milk industry which each year pays millions of taxes is not being given any relief in terms of taxes by the government. Ultra high temperature processing may cause some loss of foliate, vitamin C which is already low in milk , vitamin B12, and thiamin. EFL is dependent upon Tetra Pak for the packaging of its entire dairy products. It helps ensure that the company sustains promise of delivering high quality products and services to our customers on time, every time. This thing is really hurting the purchasing power of Pakistani consumers. Lab tests are conducted in order to check the milk. Milk, what else? Olpers manage their material handling very efficiently with the help of latest equipment for raw material as well as for finished goods. Outbound to distributors. In the last six years, Tetra Pak has launched three major campaigns aimed at changing consumer perceptions. The least important one, perhaps, is tradition. The net result, from a practical view, is a much-reduced tendency for creaming of fat globules.

Other advantages of homogenization include a richer flavor and possibly increased digestibility. The heat treatment and packaging allow this milk to be stored at room temperature for extended periods of time.

The further processing might include Ultra High temperature UHT and aseptic filling or drying to make dried milk.

Six Sigma at Engro: Engro is among the first Pakistani companies implementing six sigma across all areas and utilizing it as a management system to execute our strategic objectives.

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Milk, what else? Major textile groups are also diversifying into dairy and livestock business and some of them have even acquired lands to start their business. Competition is also increasing with the entrance of new domestic players in the dairy and food sector and plans to increase investments by the already established companies.

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Each pallet has a capacity of liters. It is in the form of rolled sheets of aseptic packaging arriving at the manufacturing plant directly from the supplier.

Lab tests are conducted in order to check the milk.

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First System: Engro Foods Limited quality control procedures are introduced right at the point of milk collection that is at the milk collection centres.

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