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Worth the read.

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I have narrowed down the list of 34 yes, 34! For every formal writing assignment so far, I have provided them with an example.

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Students absolutely MUST practice with the help or guidance of the teacher or fellow classmates. Guide student practice: Lecture and direct teaching are not inherently bad, but they will not be successful without this particular step.

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It should be required reading for every elected official interested in improving public schools, and also for every school board.

This book allowed me to see that I am going to use a loophole in the memo to totally ignore what the state says because they said I had to use criteria to select a school-wide curriculum. Shelves: non-fictioneducation I gave this a three simply because the title reminds us to focus on the essentials, and Schmoker reminds us of the simplicity and importance of authentic literacy in all classrooms.

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This is hard, but I have already forced myself to do this more times than ever before. Thanks for your support! That being said, there are plenty of authentic projects and labs that are connected to the curriculum and provide the students with a chance to increase their depth of knowledge on a particular subject. At times, I felt like Malcolm Gladwell influenced his writing. No one, including you and I, enjoys reading or discussing topics we are not interested in. Schmoker is going to be backing me up to my principal, but, hmmm, since my principal gave each of us this book, I think I am in the clear to do what is right in my heart and gut. Most teachers I know do incorporate frequent checks for understanding. Kids should get used to reading the newspaper, Time Magazine, etc..

A great read for anyone in education. However, being "new" doesn't make something inherently bad. Kids should get used to reading the newspaper, Time Magazine, etc.

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Follow the task, text, talk framework: focus on a couple of guiding questions, read to inquire about these topics, respond in writing using evidence from texts to support ideas, and discuss or share regularly. When I read, I did not believe that the author was saying that all projects and labs were poor use of instructional time. I personally love the clarity of his guide to effective lessons. However, being "new" doesn't make something inherently bad. The bar was set in those first two days, and has been raised or at least not lowered every day since. My students see that my writing is not perfect. Students need to be able to read, write, speak, and think critically in order to function as contributing members of society.
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Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning by Mike Schmoker