Research papers on impact of globalisation in india

Expectation of further Training of Technical Education graduates at their place of work or at a public or private institution.

Research paper on globalisation in india

Opportunities India has rich resources of human as well as physical. It is important that Indian industry be forward looking and get organized to compete with the rest of the world at levels of tariff comparable to those of other developing countries. Other theorists stated that globalization is a social phenomenon that defines the geographical boundary in terms of many different issues. With modern technologies which do not recognize geography, it is not possible to hold back ideas either in the political, economic or cultural spheres. Weakness The weakness of Indian technical education system are: Lack of adequate up-gradation of curriculum. Globalization increases competitiveness at company level and national level, which leads company management and governments to embrace strategies designed to increase labour effectiveness with reference to productivity, quality and innovation. Now there is changing trend that people with multidisciplinary knowledge are preferred in industries. Globalization has opened the economy to global players in the industry and service sectors. Increased productivity flowing from improved skills is the real answer to globalisation. Technical institution must re-engineer their vision and mission to carryout multinational activities. This component is designed to measure the degree of a country's international political engagement Dreher,

Once the suggested evaluation process finds a place as an inbuilt mechanism in any technical institution, the quality will defiantly improve.

Encourage and establish institutes capable of providing consultancy and specialized service for facing and assignments for students. It is to be crystal clear that there is no flaw in the curriculum being taught in our universities.

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In view of globalization, many corporate universities, both foreign and Indian, are encroaching upon our government institutions. Herd instinct is not uncommon in financial markets.

Research papers on impact of globalisation in india

This is of the order of hundred times greater than the volume of trade in goods and services. Finally, Economic Freedom Index from the Heritage Foundation was used as an additional control variable.

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To better isolate the effect of the various manifestations of globalization, it is important to control for a range of country-level factors that may simultaneously affect individual overweight risk and the country-level indicators of globalization, including the total GDP as a proxy of the size of the market, the Human Development Index, as well as the Index of Economic Freedom from the Heritage Foundation, which measures the quality of economic and legal institutions. These international activities companies to enter new markets, to exploit their technological and organizational advantages and to reduce business costs and risks. Consequently, globalization is often accompanied by a liberalization of the markets and the privatization of productive assets. But within developing countries, Africa has not done well and some of the South Asian countries have done better only in the s. India has many strengths, which several developing countries lack. Globalization promotes new tools and techniques such as E-learning, Flexible learning, Distance Education Programs and Overseas training. There is tremendous growth and changes in every field mainly in technical education. In a more demand-driven educational market, standards trend to adopt themselves to the demands of the customers.
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