Should condoms be distributed in schools essay

should condoms be distributed in schools pros

Verbal communication Verbal communication is a very important in my view especially when dealing with a service user. Availability and knowledge of condoms and birth control will help teens have safer sex. Making condoms available in schools increased the likelihood and sexually active teens will use condoms.

Place utility addresses the availability of the product or service in a convenient location for customers.

students should always have condoms with them

If we cannot convince students to abstain from sexual activities, we should promote safe sex in schools by distributing condoms. A study published in in the American Journal of Public Health in New York Times found that students who attended schools with That government schools should have condom vending machines words - 3 pages Condom vending machines promote safe sex.

Time utility ensures availability of the product when it is desired by the customers. Supporting this is Douglas, who states studies show that most abstinence programs did not delay initiation of sex and only 3 of 9 had any significant positive effects on any sexual behaviour.

should high schools provide free condoms to students essay

Many people evolve into the person they are based on what they know and what they have been taught

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The Condom Distribution Debate Essay