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He plays with her when he desires to be in her company, but he leaves her to her own devices when he is finished. Women perform the tasks that men do not want to do; therefore, their work is never done.

Any subject. There is nothing wrong in that. Everything depends on the signature. The play is influenced by the Victorian time period when the division of men and women was evident, and each gender had their own role to conform to.

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Furthermore, Nora has no means to repay her own loan because she does not earn her own income due to her oppression within the home. Henrik Ibsen shifted expectations with his focus on the repression of women in A Doll House.

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Instead, she is treated as a child, having no influence in her own life. He said I was frivolous, and that it was his duty as a husband not to yield to my whims and fancies. Nora stays at home while Torvald works as a manager at a bank. Krogstad reveals this fact to Nora, saying: I had left the date blank; that is to say, your father should himself have dated his signature. These jobs are no less important than jobs outside the home, but because they yield no income, her work is undervalued and underappreciated. Ibsen used A Doll House to motivate women so they would seek more power and freedom in their relationships. I lived by performing tricks for you, Torvald. She knows that the most important thing to Torvald is his work — his social position because his identity is anchored onto it. The values of the society are described using the actions of a woman, Nora, who rebels against the injustices inflicted upon her gender. She works as an unpaid housewife, left with no money of her own and forced to rely on Torvald. Everything depends on the signature. Ibsen dramatizes Nora 's discovery of identity by means of various literary techniques. This proves to be true with her husband, the Captain. The story ends with Nora about to leave Torvald, and despite his best efforts to dissuade her, fails.
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