Submit business plan to investors

sun microsystems business plan

Executive Summary — Statement of Purpose: Description of your business concept and the target market for the new product or service; Product information; The amount and purpose of an investment request, including itemized information on the proposed use of investment proceeds ; Current stage of business developing or expansion of an existing business ; Management team; Summary of key anticipated financial results and other benefits.

Even though your plan is more of a formality here, it's still critically important to create. It starts with a commercial or brochure to gain customer interest.

business plan for funding

Think of it the way people sell cars. Not only does it give the investor the final confidence needed to fund you. For instance, it can never answer every question an investor might have. If it did, it would be or more pages long, in which case, no one would read it.

But I always tell people not to send the plans to investors.

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Business plan to win investors