Team dynamics and change

Reason not the issue. Blocking: this happens when team members behave in a way that disrupts the flow of information in the group.

what is team dynamics

Build communication Give your team tools to drive open communication and encourage team members to communicate clearly to each other. Free riders may work hard on their own, but limit their contributions in group situations; this is known as "social loafing.

What Causes Poor Group Dynamics?

Team dynamics in the workplace

The first phase, called transition, consists of evaluation and planning activities. It is used for coaching individuals and teams and provides a framework and a descriptive language to understand the way in which we interact and communicate. Free riders may work hard on their own, but limit their contributions in group situations; this is known as "social loafing. Another has hardly contributed to the sessions at all: when asked for his opinion, he simply agrees with a more dominant colleague. You suspect that her fault-finding is discouraging others from speaking up. A better option for high performance is to develop the skills of the team individually and collectively to be creative and innovate. By tapping into the psyche of the employees if we champion the majority, then the minority will eventually comply or conform rather than stand out in a negative context. A clear charter also helps you set clear behavioural and outcomes expectations. Create a team charter Teams and individual team members need a strong focus to thrive. Support open communication, sharing of ideas through an inclusive work culture. Each person is a piece with a prescribed set of moves and you can almost predict that whenever you take an initiative, the others will respond in predictable ways…whether it be to try to check-mate or sweep you from the board, drawing from their repertoire of habitual behaviours. What happens if members of a team or group do not progress past the Forming stage and continue to pretend that they know what is happening, why it is happening and how it will affect them? The influence of the individual and that of the team on overall organisational success should not be underestimated. The mission then becomes a collaborative endeavour between the formal leader and the team members.

A team with good group dynamics may be constructive and productive, and it may demonstrate mutual understanding and self-corrective behaviour.

Recently I was reading an article on group dynamics, which is an area of psychology that has always fascinated me and remember thinking that it would be beneficial to somehow incorporate this slant into my change management approach.

Managing the boundaries. Implications for team coaching Critical questions team coaching may pose to a team and its leader include: What kind of leadership does this team need to best achieve its mission?

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10 Practical Ways to Enhance Team Dynamics