The advantages and many benefits of a school uniform in the schools in the united states

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Kids will feel like they are under constant scrutiny. They help students spend less time and energy on choosing what to wear daily. If a student gets sent home because they have a uniform violation, then they are missing a valuable learning lesson during the day.

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Wearing a uniform five days a week might make students appreciate their weekend fashions even more-so. Instead, kids can focus on doing their homework or other beneficial recreational activities.

Education and Urban Society,Vol.

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Two researchers from the University of Nevada, Reno College of Education studied opinions of students in three middle schools in the Washoe County School District in northern Nevada during the first-year implementation of a uniform policy at the schools. School uniforms are on an upward trend in the US. The Journal of Educational Research, , Vol. They create uniformity. Getting ready for school in the morning can be easier and faster. Journal of School Violence, Years ago, parents also complained that it was difficult to find uniforms, but that ceased to be an issue after large chain stores like Target and Wal-Mart began selling them. Eton, a prestigious private school in England, required their students to wear top hats and coat tails until Although an important part of human dress for centuries, uniforms have received little attention from researchers of the clothing market. Usually, school uniforms can be worn for a whole year or two. Recently the Liberal Democrats held a conference about the cost of school uniforms across England. Each school in the district determines adoption independently, providing variation over schools and time. This study examines the impact of uniform purchases on household expenditures for selected nonuniform apparel subcategories based on an economic model of conditional demand.

The results do not suggest any significant association between school uniform policies and achievement. Whether it's simplifying your kid's morning routine or creating an even playing field, uniforms come with an array of benefits for children, parents, and teachers.

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When you can have confidence in knowing that your clothing choices are not going to make you a target, then it becomes a lot easier to focus on the learning environment. Exact uniforms can differ dramatically, with some schools expecting a jacket, while others prefer a specific shirt, slacks or dress, and a color that matches the expectations of the policy. Children can focus more on their learning than the new shoes that their friends are bringing to school. Participants consisted of urban public middle school students and 83 teachers. Journal of Urban Economics, , Vol. The reality of the U. Many students who are unable to afford the newest fashions or name brand clothing are ostracized and made fun of. School uniform policies tend to target minority population groups. By balancing out the playing field with uniforms, there is less opportunity for children to be picked on or shunned for their clothes. What do students think about school uniforms? DOI: In my research, students indicated that there was a reduction in the bullying that they specifically saw occur at their school.
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