The control and manipulation of the masses in brave new world

He discovered them not in the company of other boys his age, but alone. The Director doesn't know he is about to be confronted with a much greater unorthodoxy from his own past.

How does one control entire nation New York, NY, U.

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The extensive use of this allegorical social structure for the World State and the dehumanisation of its citizens accompanying it are what enable Huxley to define the control of social development as such. Paul's Cathedral. Even the new born are controlled way before they were born.

Later scenes make plain that for adults, sex is a wholesome source of happiness, rather like going to a health club. This is a metaphor for individual motherhood and monogamy, which he believes produces people who are mad meaning "insane," not "angry"wicked, and miserable.

The Controller explains that Shakespeare is forbidden both because it's old and beautiful, qualities that might make people turn against the synthetic beauty of the brave new world, and because the people wouldn't understand it. The frenzy takes the members of the group into a dance and the song that is one of the most remembered bits of this book, the parody of a nursery rhyme: Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun, Kiss the girls and make them One.

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Huxley doesn't romanticize these values or ideas, though. Some aspects of Brave New World may seem attractive to you. There they listen to a kind of electronic pop music that might describe what rock musicians play on Moog synthesizers 50 years after the book was written.

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