The decline of america as a superpower politics essay

Starting from the period of decolonization, America portrayed itself as a protector of human rights and democratic values. The answer lies predominantly in a movement of power and more subtly in an attitudinal change internally and externally, influenced by a mistake-ridden post Cold War liberal order. On the bright side, the United States has the most impressive world trade profile. More people immigrate to the United States than to any other country, contributing to the economy and innovation. This perhaps signifies a power decline, but certainly signifies a decline in potential to wield power. I have to admit it was nice to see how the students were able too to write their essays, although a few of them were so good that would have thought they came from somewhere like emergencyessay. The level of turmoil and distrust in the international system also meant that despite president obama setting out clear lines that not to be crossed without fear of american intervention in the syrian conflict. Its unemployment rate is also rather high at 6. If challenges to democracy rose anywhere in the world, the US might be the last to feel its effects, but when they came it would be far harder to suppress it. Attempts to ameliorate this condition inevitably provoke the rage of the white working class, who increasingly see themselves blamed for the failures of liberal social policy as their jobs are outsourced to foreigners and their religion trampled by judicial activism. The American people suffered through gas lines and the new economic phenomenon of stagflation, combining a stagnant economy with high inflation. However, the extent to which the East has risen could be seen as exaggerated. It is the United States that has its troops deployed in forward bases. The United States, and the world, did nothing to prevent the genocide in Rwanda, partly because a year earlier the United States had been driven out of Somalia after a failed military intervention. However it could be argued that america has long planned for the rise in power of states such as russia and has adopted a carefully structured containment strategy through the nato alliance expansion.

This lack of communication leads to tensions that during the Cold War were mitigated by the constant interaction of Washington and Moscow and while a new Administration under Barack Obama promised to start talking to Iran, it is unlikely to resolve the tensions that have build up over the past three decades.

Some may argue that this reflects a growing, aggressive power, but the War on Terror has had a net negative effect on the US. However, the idea of US decline is the prevailing perception among ordinary Americans who believe that the US is playing a less important role in the world today compared to a decade ago.

Note the way by which Cora concludes the essay. American movies depicted the suffocating capitalist conformism of the new American corporate culture.

america as a superpower essay

Snyder, Jack. If the US were to be removed, then the US would most definitely be experiencing rapid decline. Known as the Golden Age of Capitalism, America become one of the leading countries in the world.

How america became a world power

In the last 10 years, when U. The Revolutionary Period is the period in which America drifts from Britain 's rule, and finds its own route to prosperity and happiness through freedom and equality. Meanwhile although china currently only has one formal alliance with north korea, in comparisons to americas near global alliance. It is commonly believed that the United States is experiencing the decline of its global power. So the record is mixed, but it has always been mixed. It is that in the meantime, while the nation continues to struggle, Americans may convince themselves that decline is indeed inevitable, or that the United States can take a time-out from its global responsibilities while it gets its own house in order. A war may bring them down, but even that is usually a symptom, and a culmination, of a longer process. Within this distinction lie different answers.

It will be replaced by some other kind of order, reflecting the desires of other world powers. US is a member of UN and seems willing to participate in UN forces to keep peace or calm down certain conflicts.

The decline of america as a superpower politics essay

Only China and the European Union export more than the U. And it may be more than just wishful thinking to believe that it may do so again. Whether they will succumb to such pressures is yet to be seen. It seems clear that the rise of China is beyond US control at this stage however — this is one area in which no action can alter some level of fate. While few believe America is not the ultimate superpower anymore, America to this day, rules the world in every aspect. Many experts say that scaling back military forces abroad and reducing economic assistance projects abroad will help strengthen the economy, as it did in the s. Looking back throughout history we can see specific examples of how we. As a result the US is losing strategic hold on key regions. Even its greatest adversaries, China and Russia are deeply entrenched within the system and are not currently seeking to overturn it. The real question is whether the US will fall into insignificance come the next few decades. In the immediate postwar period, - 47, this country reached the zenith of its influence in the world. With the United States being the current hegemon the definition of power is important.

In addition, racial inequality and poverty are on the rise, and infrastructure is deteriorating without proper investments.

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Seven Essays on American Decline