The need for censorship from obscene material

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People v. In a democratic society secrecy and openness reflect conflicting values and social needs and exist in an ever-changing dynamic tension. University of Pennsylania Press, Philadelphia. It is true that, in our time, some quite brilliant minds have come to the conclusion that a reversion to infantile sexuality is the ultimate mis sion and secret destiny of the human race. Cyr, born Marie Van Schaack, with pasties In the Miller decision the use of the words "contemporary community standards" means that the law evolves along with social mores and norms. Much censorship assumes that all individuals, not just children, are vulnerable and need protection from offending material --whether pornography or radical criticism of existing political and religious authority. Although rarely exercised there is the possibility of license revocation or non-renewal for violations.

After comedian George Carlin used the word "fuck" in a late night broadcast inthe offending radio station received a warning letter from the FCC.

Hicklin, [] L.

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THIS last question, oddly enough, is asked by the very same people who seem convinced that advertise ments in magazines or displays of violence on television do indeed have the power to corrupt. AND one might also ask a question that is almost never raised: how much has litera ture lost from the fact that everything is now permitted?

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As the internet evolves, and to the extent that it becomes a platform for delivering voice and video communications that parallel traditional broadcasts, conflicts over the appropriateness of its regulation will likely intensify. Now, people who masturbate do not get bored with masturbation, just as sadists don't get bored with sadism, and voyeurs don't get bored with voyeurism.

Authorities try often in vain to control new techniques of mass communication.

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Between andalmost half of the states were considering bills to control internet pornography, and more than a quarter of states enacted such laws. The First Amendment was not fashioned as a vehicle for dispensing tranquilizers to the people.

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Censorship and Secrecy, Social and Legal Perspectives