The objectification and oppression of ophelia in william shakespeares play hamlet

Conduct literature during the Renaissance established certain rules for the public and private behavior of women and outlined ideal feminine virtues, such as chastity, obedience, humility, and silence.

how old is ophelia in hamlet

Claudius mistreats Gertrude through the false display of affection because in reality she was being controlled for his own ends.

In a sense, the queen is denied a voice in her own defense or representation.

ophelias oppression in hamlet

Her madness represents the division and conflict between her internal, private notions and the patriarchal ideology of the external culture being forced upon her. Shakespeare uses this term specifically to define the sort of madness affecting Ophelia.

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Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Neely, Carol Thomas. Contrary to the literal sense of the word, figurative madness has the potential to take on a variety of representational, symbolic, and metaphorical meanings.

Male dominance in hamlet

Madness was being portrayed in new ways, creating new subcategories of distracted conditions such as lovesickness and melancholy, which took on changed gender associations. The use of imperatives in this scene show how Ophelia is dominated by others and is therefore highlight her insignificance in the play. I have only been able to skim the surface of the history of ideas involving madness and the evolution of it as a gendered construct and the effects of spectacle on early modern society. But then, the author is a male writing in a male-dominated culture, and the dialogue represents his point of view, not necessarily that of a cultured woman, who might feel differently about such humor. University of Waterloo, Salkeld, Duncan. In a sense, the queen is denied a voice in her own defense or representation. Ophelia intrepidly confronts the unknown to escape her temporal suffering and oppression. Neely, Carol Thomas. Both interpretations are ridicules directed at Ophelia, as the end of breeding and the insinuation of a brothel were insults to her female nature.

Words:Paragraphs: 17, Pages: 6 Publication date: July 29, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Through madness Ophelia confronts her anxieties about identity in a patriarchal world and asserts her difference and opposition to male power.

How are gertrude and ophelia portrayed in hamlet

Her father is dead, her brother is absent from the country and she has been rejected by Hamlet; without them Ophelia collapses. If the masses were conditioned to learn visually through spectacle, then court society inherits the ponderous responsibility of displaying and embodying correct and traditional social behavior including restraint from premarital sex, murder, and the transcendence of typical gender roles. In fact, the maltreatment of her character began from her own family. Queen Elizabeth is one of the most well-known implementors of spectacle. The men closest to her who have been constantly shaping her identity have abandoned her and for once she is thinking for herself and exploring her own identity. This also portrays Ophelia as a possession that belongs to Polonius. The mere fact that she can be viewed as insignificant shows the audience that Ophelia is oppressed by male authority in the family. Words: , Paragraphs: 17, Pages: 6 Publication date: July 29, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

The oppression of Ophelia was grounded on the fact that her own life was beyond her control as Laertes and Polonius dictated what she should or should not do Acquaro Within this patriarchal and hierarchical society, the king served as a microcosm for the entire kingdom: this microcosm was represented predominantly through the analogy of the body.

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A Feminist Analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet