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But that does not mean that the preceding one never happened. This page collects quotes from the movie's creators that offer hints at how time travel works in Looper.

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It is, in fact, the last image of Young Joe, inasmuch as he dies and Old Joe disappears, simultaneously. Except how did Old-Me exist in the first place? He merely took over the mob with terrifying speed and efficiency. Why not send them back to before their young selves were born? Abe has not been sent back from the future to create them, because time travel has not yet been invented. Clearly time travel can't be perpetually about to be invented 30 years in the future. They're exhaustive, you can make a diagram if you like. It's a bit off-topic here but I'm also starting to wonder how much Stanislaw Lem you've read. What is abundantly clear though is that Old Joe doesn't understand how the time travel works.

You can't affect the past by anything you do in the present or future, which doesn't bother me because it seems pretty self evident to me in the real world. No carving stuff in your arm, no heads fading off photographs.

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Elsewhise, very good explanation, which reconciled me with one of the inconsistencies I saw in the movie: how could old Seth still escape if he has no limbs? Eventually, some 30 years in the future, time travel is invented, deemed illegal and used by the mob.

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Does it end the circle of violence? And the best for last: - Why the heck do you need to "terminate" loops? Why would he be late the time he dies too? I believe we can regard his wife's death more as a personal connection to the overall atrocities rather than the only reason that Old Joe desires a Rainmaker-less future. He wouldn't repeat Old Joe's actions and create the Rainmaker again. They burned down Old Joe's home to try to cover it up and it's debatable whether they got away with it at all. And besides all this timeline stuff, one question remains: Why didn't Joe just shoot off his own gun hand instead? Were the mobsters simply mistaken about how time travel works? What exactly happens in his future, we can't be sure, but we do know that either a.

It also has a fuzzy time travel model, though of course there are differences. How does murder work in the future?

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Time Travel in 'Looper': Dubious, but Not for the Reason You Might Think