Top rated paper shredders

best paper shredders 2018

The model comes with durable steel blades that can cut CDs, staples or credit cards as well as 18 sheets of paper at once. Some very high-end shredders come with guarantees against paper jams. Additionally, an energy management control system pumps out just.

Top rated paper shredders

As a cross-cut shredder, each individual shred will occur faster than a micro-cut shredder, but it sacrifices the six times smaller confetti-like shred. Take a peek at our pickings for the best tech gifts of the year.

best paper shredder under $50

Others offer jam protection. Quiet motor dampens grinding and shredding noise.

Best paper shredder under $100

It can chug away for 45 minutes before needing to cool down and its percent jam-proof system promises to keep frustrations to a minimum. They are not recommended to use intensively in an office environment, because the run-time on these machines is fairly low. It comes with AmazonBasics 1-year Limited Warranty. This Fellowes paper shredder comes with a 2-year product and service warranty plus lifetime cutter warranty. If you frequently have to shred hundreds of papers at a time, it may be worth investing in a high-count shredder. Jam Proof System which eliminates paper jams, powers through tough jobs and maximizes productivity. It is up to you how much security you prefer. We were not able to find the warranty.

Business owners have additional motivations for buying a paper shredder.

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Best Paper Shredders for Home (Office) Use Under $