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Depending on my students and their needs, I may pull small groups to practice going through the portal and using the tools in a beneficial way. It is definitely not perfect, but it helps keep the students focused on what they are reading and it keeps them reading for meaning and understanding which is always my ultimate goal.

Teach the students to summarize passages, write the main idea after reading, or take brief notes as they read.

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Because of that, I like to spend a few mini-lessons modeling how to read directions online. Now, I know what you are thinking. The notes need to be quick and to the point because the students are limited on time. Carr, associate commissioner of the assessments division at NCES. I model these skills: Read for understanding. Overall, students provided more complete responses when given 30 minutes, rather than 20 minutes, to write. I start by giving them a copy of this poster and going through and discussing each tool. They could use the highlight feature to highlight the key words and important tasks prior to answering the questions OR they could highlight after they answer to show they included all the parts. Each scenario included text; some also included pictures, or audio or video components. The next steps would be to use the practice portal provided by the assessment company for your state. Click here to grab a copy of this printable to help you model how to read online directions and questions. The study asked students about their access to computers at home and in school. Model and practice reading directions and constructed response questions. I also recommend practicing multiple grade levels for increased exposure and practice of using the tools.

The first year that my students took the online assessment, they were exposed to the online testing tools the week before the assessment.

The new assessment system was then used in the pilot study given to 13, students nationwide. Of the 60 fourth-grade participants, percent of the students reported having access to a computer at school, while 93 percent reported having access at home and 92 percent reported previously taking a computer-based assessment.

The notes need to be quick and to the point because the students are limited on time.

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The majority of students about 61 percent who were given two minute prompts scored at least a 3, meaning that they wrote enough to be assessed, included ideas that were mostly on topic and used simple organizational strategies in most of their writing.

The scoring rubric includes multiple criteria, including development of ideas, organization, language use and grammar. You want to make sure the tools are closely aligned if not identical to the tools your students will see. They would set their papers up with the symbols they normally use to annotate and then mark with a tally mark each time they had that thought.

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Grade 4 Computer Writing