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Find the right mentors. Third, repeat the process until you find yourself in a job you love. If a job doesn't excite you on some level -- just because of the stuff of it -- don't settle. Meare on relevant, agreed-upon criteria that relate directly to an individual's performance 3. It shouldn't be a surprise. Do it over a year or so. But good leaders must have the ability to anticipate the radically unexpected The strong pension to surround themselves with people better and smarter than they are Heavy duty resilience Every leader makes mistakes. Some people have better ideas than the others; some are smarter or more experienced or more creative. Work-Outs led to an explosion in productivity. Find the Right Job "Every time I ask successful people about their first few jobs, the immediate reaction is almost always laughter. Every job you take is a gamble that could increase your chances or shut them down. He believes that it is tops in improving efficiency and productivity, lowering costs, reducing defects, building customer loyalty and building great leaders. At GE, managers actually had to rank employees on the scale.

There is no one right mentor. It changed our thinking and broadened our awareness. Managing People 1.

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Differentiation In professional sports, athletes who perform best are rewarded lavishly. Here are some signals to look for when you're exploring a potential job: Signal 1: You like the people there - they're your type.

Get rid of those who resist change. Unless the employee violates a policy, steals something, or does something else.

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Working to fulfill someone else's needs or dreams almost always catches up with you. Every single day. Then communicate it relentlessly.

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Close it down! Do not hire someone into the last job of his career, unless it's to be the head of a function or CEO.

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Mission and Values How do you plan on winning at this business? How performance-driven is each culture? Fifth, Welch traveled the world in his retirement, doing over question and answer sessions with groups of thirty to five thousand. At least one evaluation a year, preferably twice in format, face-to-face sessions 4. The key? Financial planning is different however, and it is necessary Chapter: Organic growth. Thanks, Jack Welch, for putting your answers in a book. They'd be happier some place else. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor? And once you reduce variation, your costs are improved dramatically and your market share gains are enormous because people get what they want when they want it. Are there any new entrants, and what have they been up to in the past year? Do get on the radar screen by being an early champion of your company's major projects or initiatives. Make sure your "questions are answered with action. Signal 5: The work itself is fun, meaningful and rewarding.
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