Writing a newspaper article for middle school

Read the following statements, and decide if the statement is expressing a fact or an opinion. My son is an underachiever, and only watches TV or plays video games.

News articles can use quotes and opinions from witnesses and observers. It fails to answer a majority of the 5w-1H questions. Garcia is currently advising other teachers at the middle school on ways they can introduce newspapers into their classrooms.

Newspaper article format for students

Pen E. An investigantion is under-way to determine the cause of this strange and unexplaned event. If the city or location is well-known, the name can be written alone, but if the city is less famous, more information is included. The article presents few facts and more opinions. Little or no attempts made to follow news article format or sequencing of information. After you have organized these headlines, your teacher will give you several articles from the newspaper. If the person has a strong opinion about a topic, ask him or her if you can include a quote in your story.

The purpose of a news article is to report the facts of a current event or problem. The book contains some of the worst explanations around. It answers some of the 5w-1H questions. If you want opinion in your story, it must be from a quote something that someone said.

During a press conference on Friday, authorities declined to comment regarding the incriminating evidence. In a land far away, two beautiful people were wed, and hundreds of people threw flowers and sang.

What are the 5 parts of a newspaper article?

Description of some basic principles of journalism. Although the class was a lot of work, the students are proud of what they accomplished, and are glad they had the opportunity to learn a little about journalism. A news article normally does not include a lead paragraph. While visiting the broken-down farmhouse, I found a delicate glass container that was worth a lot of money. You have to tell your readers where and when this story is happening. Descriptions of the grades are written below. The names of the suspects have not been released, and they have not been interviewed their parents however have been contacted. You must only give facts about the topic. On Monday, one thousand seventh graders argued and debated the issue of how to deliver the news appropriately. The English language is studied in many regions of the world.

Tabloids are often smaller in size, and contain articles that often include imaginative details or interpretations. If the city or location is well-known, the name can be written alone, but if the city is less famous, more information is included.

how to write a newspaper article grade 10

Information regarding the new high school in San Francisco is unlikely to be of interest to a reader in Nashville, Tennessee, so a Nashville newspaper may decide not to print that article.

Something that is factual can be proved or disproved.

Examples of short newspaper articles

Before class, cut out enough articles so that each student or pair of students will have five or six. After students have completed the task, take several articles from a local paper. The end quote is a good way to sum things up. News articles follow the same format as argumentative essays. The style of writing is impersonal, and the vocabulary is often more formal. If computers are available, students should type the story and save it as a file electronically. A former student of Ms. Before the lesson, prepare a selection of photographs from magazines.
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Writing a News Article (middle school)