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If you are familiar with the addressee, then use their first name unless they have specifically asked you otherwise. Another useful thing to do, especially if you are writing a cover letter or if you are trying to impress your reader, is to consider whether they use American or British spelling. Explanation: If you are not sure whether to use a comma or not, try splitting the sentence into smaller bits: We tried emailing them. Organize your information logically: Group related information into separate paragraphs. You can refer to our letters above to see some examples. Explain why you are writing in your first paragraph, Provide more specifics in the next paragraph, and Use your closing paragraph to reiterate your reason for writing Thank the recipient for reading, and possibly mention follow-up plans Below, you'll find a list of business letter examples for a variety of employment and business-related correspondence, as well as tips for how to write an appropriate and effective business letter. Correct: I read your cover letter when you sent it. Good luck! Explanation: We use than to form comparisons and then to refer to when something happened. Do NOT include your name in this section — when selecting this style, it simply looks better to sign off with your name at the end of the letter. Make It Clear, Concise And Logical Use a clear and direct writing style that uses simple words and straightforward phrases. This is a grammar-checking tool that will highlight mistakes and suggest corrections for you. Part 5. Feelings and emotions do not have a place in business letters.

Be persuasive: Establish a positive relationship with your reader right away. Eliminate Redundant Words And Phrases There are certain words and phrases that one often sees in business correspondence that tend to make the language more complicated and cumbersome than necessary.

Salutation The salutation you will use depends on the title of your addressee, your familiarity with them, and also the context of the letter. Just keep it businesslike, but avoid overly formal terms like "heretofore", "as per", "herewith", etc.

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For example, use "workforce" instead of "manpower", or "chairperson" rather than "chairman". Part 4. Explanation: When typing, we only use one space after commas or periods and no space before them.

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Close the letter appropriately, depending on the salutation you used at the beginning: Dear Ms. English grammar is complex, and even native English speakers have difficulty with grammar sometimes.

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9 Tips For Writing Better Business Letters.